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Looking to visit Ljubljana on culinary infused trip? Find out where you can get the best foodie experience in the capital of Slovenia.
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Blog Published March 9, 2020
Edited May 3, 2024

If there’s a new foodie inspired trip pending on your wish list, then why not check it in Ljubljana? If you would like to discover the perfect way to get to know the local culinary you should experience Slovenian home cooking with Cooking class Ljubljana. It’s a great and fun activity where you participate with your friends, family or by yourself. We can guarantee you will meet a lot of new interesting people from all over the world while learning about the Slovenian cuisine and preparing some traditional dishes. The best part is, you’ll be doing it in the company of other foodie travelers. You know that food you prepare by yourself and with love always tastes better!

Cook and eat

Discover all the amazing food Ljubljana has to offer by being an active part of this culinary story. Cooking class Ljubljana will show you all the secrets of traditional Slovenian cooking while making sure you will have a great time. You will discover local culinary by preparing your own authentic Slovenian meal. At Cooking class Ljubljana you will be guided by a local chef who will make sure your cooking experience will be highly interactive and you will be guided through all four-course menu preparation of Slovenian dinner. If so active participation isn’t you thing or in the days you are visiting Ljubljana would just like to relax, you can opt the Food Tour Ljubljana and get a taste of traditional Slovenian cuisine with this guided tour through Ljubljana restaurants. You will discover also local wines from many undiscovered regions, learn about Slovenian traditions, rich cultural heritage and broad cuisine, eat like a local, enjoy beautiful sights of the city while walking.

What do Slovenians eat?

Through history there wasn’t food in abundance, as our grandmothers like to point out. But today things changed. Slovenians are good eaters. Did you know, that an average Slovene eats 121 kilos of cereals, 93 kilos of meat and 36 kilos of sugar a year? And of course, you won’t be hungry during the Cooking class. You’ll prepare a cold cut appetizer, warm starter, main dish, and a dessert, using only fresh seasonal ingredients from the local farms or the food market close by. Along the way, you will have a lot of laughs and plenty of good food. This culinary workshop will take you on a journey through rich Slovenian culinary history along with the most popular traditional dishes. You’ll learn about Slovenian traditions and rich cuisine. You will discover our grandmothers’ cooking secrets.

Slovenian traditional cuisine

Slovenian traditional food is actually simple, strong and tasty. It includes a lot of mealy dishes, meat and delicious desserts. Meat, though eaten only occasionally, was very valued and traditional Slovenian desserts are a true feast for every foodie. Traditional Slovenian dishes are based on ingredients that were accessible at the time, such as grains, meat, vegetables and fruit. Whatever could be grown or raised would be used in local cuisine. Slovenia’s many different regions contributed to culinary diversity. Other ingredients used are chestnuts and berries foraged in the woods, or herbs picked in the meadows. Honey is also widely produced throughout the country, as beekeeping is a widespread activity in Slovenia. Blueberry and honey liqueur are very popular aperitifs, as is a juniper spirit. Your 4-hour cooking class journey conducted in english language will be highlighted by typical Slovenian appetizers and recipes. Along with the food you will be served 3 glasses of local wines, shots of Slovenian spirits. Talking about Slovenian wines, if you would like to have a broader insight into them, you shouldn’t miss the Wine Tasting Ljubljana in a 300-year old wine cellar where you will taste 7 finest Slovenian wines from different wine regions and learn must-know wine facts. Along the food we have always to pint out also Slovenian famous wines from different wine regions spread across all the countryside.

Become a chef

You’ll get to be as active as you would feel like to be. From observing only, to chopping, slicing, and mixing, you’ll be the creator of your culinary story. Under the guidance of a local chef, you’ll prepare a complete dinner of an appetizer, warm starter, main dish, and dessert. You’ll learn our grandmothers’ secrets and enjoy plenty of laughter along the way. There’s nothing better than to sit down and enjoy the meal you’ve just prepared. You’ll share the table with other global foodie travelers and you’ll also get to try some amazing Slovenian local wines and spirits. You’ll learn about Slovenian traditions and rich cuisine in a homely atmosphere seasoned with humor. There will definitely be some Instagram material waiting to happen.

You can take all recipes home!

After the workshop, we’ll provide you with all the recipes you prepared so you can recreate the magic back home. And if it won’t be quite the same, you’ll be more than welcome to join us again at the Cooking Class Ljubljana.

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