Cooking Class Ljubljana

A hands-on culinary workshop that takes you on a journey through rich Slovenian culinary history along with the most popular traditional dishes.
From: 99€/person
Start time
Min 8 people
Prepare your own authentic Slovenian meal
Taste local wines
Learn about Slovenian traditions and rich cuisine
Create a culinary story you will gladly share with others
Great team building experience
Preparing traditional Slovenian dishes
Preparing traditional Slovenian dishes
Cooking fun in the kitchen
Cooking fun in the kitchen
Time to make štruklji
Time to make štruklji
Making the perfect dough
Making the perfect dough
Culinary class Ljubljana
Culinary class in Ljubljana is always a great time
Chopping different vegetables & plants
Practicing knife skills
Slovenian traditional food in making
Slovenian traditional food in making
Grandma's recipes for making the best dough
Grandma's recipes for making the best dough
Slovenian food cooked with love and a smile:)
Slovenian food cooked with love and a smile:)

Included in price

4 course meal
All ingredients
Local wine
Typical Slovenian appetizers

Other information

Cooking classes must be reserved in advance
The class is conducted in English
No cooking skills required, suitable for accomplished and novice cooks.
Suitable for vegetarians.

Join this highly interactive class, and prepare a traditional Slovenian dish inspired by grandma’s recipes.

Here you can slice, mix, season, and prepare a complete dinner with a local chef, and afterward sit down and enjoy the meal you’ve just created.

A four-course meal, seasoned with humour, a homey feeling, and Slovenian culinary tradition. Whether you participate or you just observe as we prepare the feast, you will definitely have some laughs, learn a lot, taste plenty of delicious food, and have a blast.

The menu consists of a cold-cut appetizer, warm starter, main dish, and a dessert. We adjust the menu seasonally since we always use fresh ingredients from local farms or from the market which is right next door. This way, we make sure you receive that authentic blend you’re looking for when cooking up something local.



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A hands-on culinary workshop of traditional Slovenian cuisine
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