5 Vegan Slovenian traditional Dishes

Veganism wasn't a thing when these dishes were first made, but what do you know. They are delicious and they are earth-friendly, ready to explode in popularity once again.
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Blog Published March 29, 2019
Edited May 3, 2024

Eating vegan is becoming more popular by the day. You wouldn’t be the first to think this is a fairly new trend. Think again. Vegan dishes were actually the norm back in the day when people would prepare simple and healthy food.

We have some yummy Slovenian vegan traditional dishes to show you. They are healthy, nutritious and delicious. Vegans swear by them and meat lovers appreciate them.

Fried potatoes – Pražen krompir

This evergreen dish is still a part of traditional Slovenian lunch. Potatoes fried with onions and a side dish of green lettuce is not only healthy but also delicious. Easy and simple.

Sour cabbage hot stew – Jota

This hot stew is made of sauerkraut or turnip, beans, potatoes and onions. Spiced up with garlic and ground sweet paprika, this dish is perfect for cold winter days. If you want to do it properly, it has to be so thick, the spoon stands upright in the pot.

Buckwheat spoon bread – Ajdovi žganci

This, centuries old, traditional Slovenian dish is made of buckwheat flour, water and olive oil. This simple but delicious meal can be served as the main dish with cabbage or as a side dish. It was popular among the masses in the country as well as in the city. An old Slovenian saying goes: “Have some Žganci, so you’ll grow big and strong”.

Porridge – Kaša

A dish favoured by our grandmothers, made from buckwheat, corn, wheat or millet. It’s especially tasty topped with dried fruit. Buckwheat porridge with vegetables is one of our favourites at http://cookingclassljubljana.com/, where we prepare it at the workshop, depending on the season. This is a simple and filling dish that’s gaining popularity once again.


This is one of the oldest Slovenian Easter dishes, with an interesting history. It’s made of dried turnip peels and sometimes thickened with buckwheat flour or millet or buckwheat porridge. This was a poor man’s dish and was later served as a reminder of extreme hunger.

These are our top picks from traditional Slovenian vegan dishes for you to try. Even meat lovers might be surprised by how delicious these dishes are. Afterwards, nobody would blame you for thinking steak is overrated.

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5 Vegan Slovenian traditional Dishes

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