List of traditional Slovenian dishes

Slovenian cuisine is known for its simplicity and filling nature. Take a look into the past and discover these traditional Slovenian dishes.
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Blog Published : March 18, 2019
Edited : October 26, 2022

Did you know, that an average Slovene eats 121 kilos of cereals, 93 kilos of meat and 36 kilos of sugar a year? We certainly don’t like to go hungry, that’s for sure. Previous generations didn’t have food in abundance, as our grandmothers like to point out. Most of us still remember how we were made to eat everything on our plates as children.

Slovenian traditional food is simple, strong and tasty. It includes a lot of mealy dishes, meat and delicious desserts. Mealy dishes were simple and filling, thus a popular choice. Meat, though eaten only occasionally, was very valued and traditional Slovenian desserts are a true feast for every foodie.

Meat lovers will appreciate:

Kranjska klobasa (Carniolan sausage) is a spiced pork sausage first mentioned on records at the beginning of the 19th century. Prepared following thorough directions and usually consumed with a side dish of pickled cabbage or sour turnip. It can also be served cold with bread and a side dish of mustard.

Bujta repa (Turnip, millet porridge and pork dish) is a stew made of millet porridge, sour turnip and pork meat and is to be consumed as a main dish.

Krvavica (Blood sausage) is a pork sausage filled with pork blood, bacon, intestines and millet or buckwheat porridge, also consumed with a side dish of pickled cabbage, sour turnip or potatoes.

Tasty dishes for veggie lovers:

Buckwheat spoon bread (Ajdovi žganci) are made of buckwheat flour and water. They can be topped with roasted pork pieces – “ocvirki” as a non-veggie option.

Idrija dumplings (Idrijski žlikrofi) are made of dough and are filled with potato stuffing. They have a distinctive shape and are the first Slovenian dish to be protected on the European level.

White Carniola loaf (Belokranjska pogača) is also a protected dish, made of dough with added yeast and has a characteristic round shape. On top, it is sliced into squares and glazed over with beaten egg and sprinkled with coarse sea salt and cumin.

Dreamy desserts for everyone currently not on a diet:

Walnut roll (Potica) is a queen among Slovenian desserts with centuries-long tradition. Its oldest mention in writing is from the 16th century. This all-Slovenian dessert is made of dough and walnuts, tarragon or honey stuffing.

Prekmurje layer cake (Prekmurska gibanica) is a famous luscious pastry made of several layers of dough, cottage cheese, poppy seeds, walnuts and apples. It can only be made by a special recipe as it is protected on a European level.

Cottage cheese dumplings (Štruklji) are a traditional dish made of dough and can be prepared in different ways. They can be baked, cooked, sweet or salty, filled with cottage cheese or walnuts. And in Cooking Class Ljubljana you can experience how to actually make them. 

These are some fine examples of traditional Slovenian cuisine that was enjoyed by numerous generations with little or no change to the recipes. If you are curious to try out some of these yummy dishes, you are more than welcome.

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